Inspiration is a funny thing. It gets your juices going. It starts your motor and then revs your engine. It’s like the clutch is pressed, the gears are set, and the transition is so smooth you can hardly tell that there are wheels actually touching the asphalt… you could almost swear that there’s air like a cloud under your feet propelling you forward without any effort at all… Well, that’s the type of inspiration that comes tumbling out of your head and into your fingers so swiftly that they can’t type fast enough to keep up with the entourage! (deluge)

However, there’s another kind of “inspiration” that isn’t quite as popular. It doesn’t march in the parade, or ride in the back of a convertible waving to the spectators. It dwells in the mundane. It abides quietly by your side waiting…. just waiting…. waiting for you to pick it up and use it. This inspiration is the daily determination that is going to get you to your destination. It is the voice that says, “You can do this. It’s not going to be easy, it may not be quick, but you can do it.” It is the avenue that is straight and narrow. It is the fairway that glides moment by moment. It may not soar and speed, squealing around the corners but it soars like the eagle high in the sky. Patient. Waiting. Resting on the lift of air pocket. It’s not a race… enjoy the ride.

This inspiration can see far and wide. It looks down the road. It’s ready for the roadblock and makes preparation and plans for the inevitable and the obstacle course well in advance. It looks down the street and contemplates the curves and improvises. It is astute and cunning for it maps the road with foresight. It sets in motion the necessary mechanisms for the apparent and the expected as well as the shadowed and veiled.

The ever-patient and waiting latter inspiration is seldom sought after. Nonetheless it is essential in times of solitude. In the quiet after the storm, it is there. In the weariness of the race, it waits. The frenzied pace of the former often gets us there quick but leaves us road-tired and depraved. Energies and efforts spent on the trip there is nothing left at the destination. The end result is the destination, but what we need to carry us forward is the latter. It is waiting. What is it saying? Keep on. Here is clear direction. You can do this. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. That’s it. Put one foot forward. Listen. “What can you use?” instead of “What is there to lose?” Or maybe, “What IS there to lose?” How was it made? How does it work? What can it do? What do you need? Look at this! Study that. Learn as an apprentice… by watching, trying, doing.

The race-driven inspiration is fun, fast and furious. Wow. Worth the ride. Wind in your face, sun at your back. It takes the territory by storm. Driven to succeed; destined to win. It is a performance with a standing ovation.

The perspective-involved, persuading and patient inspiration is seldom driven but a leader of leaders. A teacher of teachers. Inspiring. Mentoring. Guiding. Teaching the sacred, the holy; the strong. Casting the model; solid and true. It doesn’t just thrive, but prospers. The thinker; feeling the instinct and fueling the imagination. It will not malfunction but it will be futile if ignored.