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When I started reading “Prime of Life” by P.D. Bekendam, I was sucked in immediately.  That hasn’t happened in a long time. I love to read, but as of late haven’t acquired anything that is hard to put down…until now.  It’s hard to believe that this is Dr. P.D. Bekendam’s debut novel.

Quirky, funny, sad, real… it hits me between the eyes. True, some of Ben’s shenanigans are hardly plausible, but what’s a novel for? Maybe it IS believable and maybe it’s not, depending on where you stand but I, for one, can relate to this book’s prime subject character. What’s more, I felt like he could be my brother, my son or friend…that’s how personal he got with me in this story. Who hasn’t wanted to escape from stress and inept bosses, coworkers or busy-busy-get-it-done-yesterday lifestyle for a peaceful, quiet, simple life where you can leave your job at your job and go to your personal refuge, aka home?

I loved, LOVED the characters. They were colorful, fun and I enjoyed “being with them” for a spell.  Bekendam introduced them to me and now I feel like they are real friends somewhere. Hopefully I can go back and see how they are doing some day.

I was impressed to read that Dr. Bekendam is funding his cataract surgery activities/trips to help the needlessly blind in developing countries with proceeds from this book. This thought makes me happy as I am a missionary brat, but even without this fact I would suggest you buy this book and read it for yourself. You will enjoy your time away at “Heritage Gardens” where Ben works as a janitor to escape his cardiothoracic practice.