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Julie Clinton, President of Extraordinary Women Ministries shares countless stories about  women who have “bounced back” from the black holes that they found themselves in after dire circumstances, heartache, abandonment, shame, sickness, and other deep hurt.  How do you begin to put the pieces back together after your dreams have been shattered? Julie shares some real insight, encouragement and support.

Her three points are: Breathe, Believe, and Bounce Back. There are a lot of truths in this book! I have been in these trenches before and I can relate to most of the women in the stories that she tells. Julie has a deep understanding as well as compassion for the women that find themselves in their particular story.  At first I was a little turned off by the “counselor prose” as she authors the book from her perspective as minister. However, these are real women with real stories and she gives great advice coupled with scripture references. I have gained encouragement and tools to help me through the sorrow that comes from circumstances of life.