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Awakening. It’s what America needs. This book by Ralph Reed, Founder of Faith & Freedom Coalition is a must read for all Christians in this country. “It is,” according to Gov. Mike Huckabee who writes the foreword, “the ultimate answer to what ails America.” I tend to agree.

Can America be saved…or is it too late? America truly has lost its way.  Is there any hope? Ralph Reed believes there is. He argues this downward spiral can be reversed and America can be restored to greatness. But it will require a spiritual awakening in our homes, houses of worship and individual lives. Only then will our politics be healed of cynicism and partisanship and our leaders be worthy again of our trust.

As Reed writes, “As people of faith, we desire to be effective citizens of both the City of God and the City of Man. We may experience setbacks and defeats in our political and social efforts here on earth, but the kingdom of God is eternal and transcendent. This is our hope, and we must never give up.”

Author and Founder, Reed, starts his story off with political history that details the rise and fall of the Christian faith and influence in the political arena. In spite of what ails us, he believes America’s best days are still ahead. “Why?” you ask; he answers: “First, because I hope in God. And God, throughout history, has heard the prayers of the faithful and intervened in human affairs to stop this downward spiral by sparking a spiritual and moral awakening among His people…We have been blessed by God because we believed in God. The United States has experienced untold abundance, leading to pride and self-sufficiency with consequences that have forced the faithful to their knees asking for God’s forgiveness. Throughout history this repentance has sparked spiritual awakenings and spawned social and political movements that reformed society, leading to greater obedience to God’s laws, defending the poor and the downtrodden, and thereby creating a more perfect union.”

Do you believe such an awakening can happen today in this postmodern world or is this notion too quaint and old fashioned? Ralph Reed declares, “this spiritual awakening will not require a majority vote. It only requires men and women of faith to repent, pray, and act with moral courage, as well as leaders to inspire and mobilize the faithful. And it will occur only if the Holy Spirit covers our efforts with blessing, protection, and humility…Jesus warned us not to be like the man invited to a wedding feast who showed up without the proper clothes and was thrown out (Matthew 22:11-13). When the awakening comes and shakes America to its foundations, we must be prepared and equipped.”

We all need a personal awakening. Not just to be around the church and experience “churchianity” (in author Reed’s word) but to actually live for Jesus. To stay on our knees, overcoming the gross obstacles that hold us back, and read 2 Chronicles 7:13-14. Believers tend to site this passage with “them” or “others” in mind. Let’s make it personal. In what ways do we need to humble ourselves, seek God’s face, and turn from our wicked ways? God’s promise is that when we do, He will hear our prayers, forgive our sin, and heal our land.

Please, buy this book and read it. Your thinking will be changed by it and your actions will show others how you believe that this move will change the direction of America and perhaps inspire them to make changes of their own. Like tremendous revivals before that swept our nation, we’re about to experience another one! Count me in!