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NOTE: It’s been a busy and hectic season for me. That’s a good thing, though, because I have been in limbo for awhile. Bored, actually. Ready for change. Therefore, I haven’t blogged anything new and I’m working on my next book review plus reviewing a book for my niece that she recently finished. Rumaging through some old writings, I found this and wanted to share it with you.

River Without a Bridge

August 17, 2010 at 12:35pm

Along our path through life, we all approach those curves we didn’t expect from time to time. We have almost crashed and burned—in fact still smell a little singed around the edges. We reach streams where there are no bridges and wonder how in the world we will ever get to the other side.  Sometimes it’s a raging river that roars and taunts us and at this point most give up because it looks like victory has been won—insurmountable odds against our survival if we dare to cross.  I believe that’s when the truth comes to us face to face and we see that it isn’t because we are great or fearless but because we really have no choice but to continue!

We survey the landscape and contemplate turning back but we have to refuse that path that we’ve already been over because there’s no way we’re going back there! So we say to ourselves, “It might be me… me alone… all by myself…but its do or die… this is my only alternative.”

Once we take that one step forward with the decision made even though all the voices around us might shout differently; even though we know we are on our own for everything else has pretty much been striped away from us, our anger bursts out at the raging river blocking our path.  That’s the time the discovery is made about our selves: the acceptance of what we are really meant to be—why we are chosen comes into focus. All along it’s been me trying to make the choices, some won and some lost, but past – tense-MADE nevertheless.

Everyone fades into the background. Insignificant. Their banter, their simple choices and their petty trials seem so far away and childish in comparison to that raging river we are about to cross. We realize, perhaps for the first time and perhaps not, but definitely monumental this time, that we didn’t really choose this river; this path, it has chosen us! Why us? Why me? I have no clue!  Maybe we’ll always ask ourselves that but from here on out, we might tumble in the waves a time or two before it’s over, but we know we will reach our destination for the river is there to carry us.  What seemed  like a huge barrier was actually the transportation; the method; the avenue; the power and driving force to help us reach and to carry us to our destiny—to accomplish that which we were created to do.

As long as God is at the helm—He must always be first and foremost—the greatness we achieve is outside of us –we just have to be obedient to it. We might end up a glorious vessel but it’s the Potter’s doing all along. We had it all wrong—we didn’t choose Him—He chose us! We might be totally different than any other pot, pitcher, vase or dish in the place but we are beautiful because we are HIS and He made us this way!

Don’t let the road keep you down. Keep skipping and somersaulting down the path when others are walking and running and looking at you funny. You are doing what you are chosen to do. Believe it—I believe in you!