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These present troubles are so much more difficult than I could ever imagine. You know our hearts, you know of their purity-their innocence- or any lack thereof. We stand before you today asking You to cleanse us from any unrighteousness, self-righteousness, anger, unforgiveness, any blot whatsoever that would keep us from wholly loving You or being fully devoted to You. Remove any obstacle that would hinder our worship, for we long to worship you in Spirit and Truth!

My Savior, God forever- I have asked you to mold and make me, to shape me each day into more and more of your likeness and image. Knowing that nothing in me is capable of being like You except that Your Spirit dwell in me, I must decrease while you increase.

Now concerning this tremendous trial and persecution that is happening, I cannot understand why You have permitted it, what portion has come by Your hand to further develop and mold us or whether the enemy of our souls is raging war against us to destroy Your work. I see gnashing teeth- the evil intent and the destroyer who has set out to crush us. There are also innocents- deceived ones too who are crying out to you against us. Why the blinders have not been removed from their eyes I cannot comprehend! Why they cannot see beyond the lies and twisted truth is perplexing to me. The way they are marching with those against us sickens me with a pain in the pit of my stomach for they believe that what they are doing is right.

The leaders of this rebellion are full of wrath, gaining ground, gathering the troops and fighting to the death. There exists no compassion, no love…only anger, malice, selfish ambition and vain conceit. They use Your Name in vain pretending to be holy and righteous, their carnality and falseness is deafening. With no fear of the Lord in their hearts, their lying tongues speak filth in the dark. Agitators, full of jealousy, stirring up quarrels and creating strife.

This angers me, Father. I confess that I desire for You to smite them. But You alone know all things. You speak compassion, You speak strength; peace into me and cause me to know that on a daily basis, Your grace is sufficient for me.

Therefore, I will stand as long as Your voice speaks to me to stand and I will go forth when You move for I fearfully follow in Your shadow. I cling to You knowing You are our hope and strength. Only You, Oh God, the Creator, The Watcher of our souls, the Holy One, the Tower of Strength and Only Refuge- You are our deliverer. You will bring to light what is  hidden in darkness and You will expose the motives of the heart.

Through the Power of The Holy Spirit, when we are cursed; we will bless, when we are persecuted; we endure it, when we are slandered; we answer kindly. We have become the scum of the earth, the garbage of the world, but our hearts are quickened within us at the marvel of Your greatness. We are weak but You are strong.

Free the captives, Oh, God! Those who have been fooled by the enemy. Open their understanding to perceive truth. Let them know they are merely pawns-being used to give strength to the numbers of the enemy. This is not the way of the Lord! Open their eyes, Father before they are consumed.

As for those who are already consumed by the flesh and the evil that rages within them, we have no power against them. They are more than us, but You, Oh God in Heaven, have stood with the minority time and time again, throughout history. You are Truth! You are Light! You are Good! You have overcome!

Tear down the strongholds of the enemy set up against You. Remove the weapons that have been formed against us that they not prosper. Surround us with the great cloud of witnesses, protecting us from evil and harm. Send Your ministering Spirits to heal and to help and to restore.

Our hope is found in You. Our help is in Your hand. Your will be done in this earth…in this place, just as it is in Heaven. Go before us; directing our moves, ordering our steps. You are God with us, Emmanuel. Don’t send us from here unless Your presence go with us. We are covered by Your outstretched arm. Protected by the Heavenly realms…the guards of Angel armies.

The One who reigns forever, reigns in this place. We will wait for You; we put our trust in You. The Lord Almighty is Holy. He is the One we fear. He is the One we dread. There is no other. He will thwart the strategies. He will be certain to break the evil plan. He will confuse the enemy. His hand will be raised against the ungodly, His anger against the wicked.

Deliver us from evil for Thine is this Kingdom, and the Glory forever–Amen!