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“If you want to be a success, you must look for ways to bring miracles into someone else’s life. As you help others win, you’ll win too.” From “The Miracles In You” by Mark Victor Hansen. Mr. Hansen is also the co-creator/author of “Chicken Soup for The Soul”. His new book is inspiring, it’s thought provoking, but it’s also a book to help us expect the miraculous as an everyday occurrence.

Many times we miss the miracles because we see them as happenstance or coincidences. We forget to look out for the amazing work that God does through us and in us. Many times He sends miracles our way but we have failed to recognize them as such because we are so busy and bent on accomplishing the ordinary. Miracles are contagious, he states, and I believe it! When we start thinking about, talking about, and being the miracle, others are going to catch on. It’s like casting a vision! Imagine someone saying to you, “You are the miracle I have been praying for!”

We were created for specific purposes. We ARE miracles! One of author Hansen’s “Miracle Scrolls” that he suggests we read, repeat and memorize says: “I am the love of God made visible. I was conceived by the love of God and brought forth to do wonders. I am rare, and there is value in all rarity; therefore, I am valuable and forever increasing my value and worth. I am a wonderfully unique creature of nature. I am one of a kind. There is no one else like me. I am God’s masterpiece.” Amen!

Let’s quit with the negative self-talk, and while this is not just “another” inspirational writing meant to repeat and talk ourselves into, it is a miraculous way for us to realize on a daily basis that we are miracles. If we want to be a success, we must look for ways to bring miracles into someone else’s life. As we help others win, we win too!

Even if it was just another self-help book to get us to be inspired and upbeat…it’s a great exchange! We can’t lose by switching the negative, putting down, destructive and damaging thoughts for the thoughts that God speaks into us. His words are never returned void, they will accomplish what they were sent for! So… be a miracle. Be a miracle-maker. Expect miracles. Pray for miracles. Be miracle minded.