Thinking about this cage again. Free! I have to remain free!


The Cage is You

(Written April 28, 2011)

Carry the weight of unforgiveness

Withhold it

The burden is heavy and cumbersome, but you deserve it

Lug it around with you wherever you go!

Let it affect all your moves and determine your moods

Your destiny—your purpose unfulfilled

But it’s not your fault that you aren’t full

How could you let go of such an important event?

It shaped you, molded you and now it holds you

But you deserve it

They owe you! How could you go free from it?

It’s not your fault

You never asked for the unhappiness; it’s just what was given

Without request it came

But you are not to blame

Pain was dealt to you, a result of someone else’s deed

How could you let that go?

It’s part of you. It was given, now you accept your fate

But they didn’t give you the…

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