I just watched a video interview. Astounding. Not because I didn’t know the story. Not because I didn’t know the person. I know her as personally as you can get. She’s my daughter! But to hear her story as if the first time, yeah, that was pretty amazing.

It’s not easy getting older. Your children have children. Your nest is empty except when they visit. My parents are still living, and I’m loving that blessing, but I’m above middle age unless of course, I live to be 103. Not happening. Your children are now the busy moms and dads, or the career builders, rock climbers, leaders, and bosses. Your doctor could be your child! What??? But there’s this amazing new ground and that’s hearing your children tell the world their story. You see through new eyes. You hear distantly, as if from someone you’ve never met, but you have and you experienced the story happening as it happened. Age is not so bad.

Thanks to Charity Craig, blogger for her amazing interview.

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