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I love pictures of doors. And stairs. And windows. My Pinterest boards are full of them. I suppose it’s because I wonder where they lead. What’s beyond them; behind them. Many times we just see doors, stairs, and windows as objects, but they’re more than that, really. They are avenues, methods and portals to an additional or different place than what’s on the surface.

I suppose that’s what the questions that Jesus asks are. An avenue to point us in a different direction. A portal to lead us into a new dimension. A means of peering into a different side of things, an alternate view. Many times when we read the Bible, its rote. Its habit, and we are conditioned to repeat the words as they fly through our minds as past; history; for a different people, a different time and a different place that is foreign to us. But when we read the stories and approach them as doors, stairs or windows, they open up new spiritual and mental footpaths to follow personally.

Jesus asks a question because He wants us to probe our hearts, to search a little deeper into ourselves. He wants to change our perspective. As has been pointed out by different people, Jesus answers questions with a question. Why does He do this? Because if He just supplied the answer, we would be like, “Oh. Ok.” Instead of having a wow moment where the window has been flung open to reveal a whole different world, we are satisfied with what we see in this dimension. Instead of a door leading somewhere beautiful, introducing us to a garden when we have been enclosed by 4 drab walls, all we perceive is a frame and a wooden rectangular object within it. Jesus desires for us to have access to His heart. A yearning to step into a fresh vision with purpose and intent. Steps that go to a higher elevation and lift us to new places in our spiritual walks as well as in this natural place we inhabit. Do you want to know that there’s “more to life than this”? Well, there is! Ask yourself the question and then dare to answer.

“Do you want to get well?”

“Do you truly love me?”

“What do you have in your hand?”

“Why are you so afraid?”

“What do you want?”

It sounds so simple. Why is it so hard to answer?

I just finished “Dare To Answer” by John Busacker. This blog is inspired in part by this book. He poses the questions that we read in scripture like the ones above and he gives his personal insight about the scenarios that brought about the question. Then he breaks through our rote mental patterns and asks us if we dare answer the same question. Are they even about us? I say that they are! I believe that the people in each situation that were asked a question, even as a response to a question already asked, were startled by them. Their demeanor and masks were shattered. Jesus saw through to the inside and the questions He asked were to probe and prod us to open the door and take a step inside. To break apart the aspect that we currently have. To make truly known that the framed door is indeed a portal to a much different room, not just a decoration in the wall. The window is to reveal a world opened to us, not just an object to let in light.

He asks. Do we dare answer? He stands there waiting, with a half-smile on His face because He knows all the internal thoughts that have been dumped upside down in our heads.


Dare To Answer: 8 Questions That Awaken Your Faith by John Busacker, speaker, author, fellow believer. “Do you truly love me?” is only one of the questions Jesus asks. The answer was seldom easy and often life-changing. I loved the book. At first glance I thought this book was simple and a fast read. It is simple in the sense that anyone can read it and get something out of it. However, it is also deep and thought provoking. It’s not just a book you can breeze through and not be challenged. Heart probing, deep digging, inward focusing questions. Do you dare answer them for yourself?