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I have to tell you that I don’t know where to begin with this review. Angie states that we are predisposed to see things from the angle that makes us feel the most vulnerable. She is right. How often do we turn circumstances and events every which way, trying to focus on the why’s, how’s, and what’s of the thing and usually end up with another long list of questions with no answers. We honor God by trusting Him, Charles Spurgeon says because we don’t have eyes good enough to see what good is wrought from affliction. We cannot see it, we must believe it.

Here’s a quote from the introduction: “We shape theology to suit our taste, our times, our situations, and our desires. It’s the mess we’ve made by desiring to understand [God] more than we want to know Him, and we’re growing more exhausted than inspired every day.” And… I’m hooked! Because yes, I do chase God. I do look for Him and spend my time going after the wrong objectives, trying to please Him with my chasing but end up weary. To understand and to know God is all about being in a relationship. I can try and understand my husband, figure out what he likes and what he doesn’t like. I can figure out what pleases him and know his tastes but all of that knowledge about him isn’t understanding him and it sure doesn’t take place of my relationship with him! I never saw myself as more “religious” than just living out my faith but the more I read, the more I realized that I have categorized my beliefs into these very neat little packages. I spend more time looking for God than looking at God. I strive…yes, strive, to understand and my Bible clearly says that His ways are past finding out. His thoughts are so far above my thoughts that all of my striving just leaves me exhausted. I can never attain to them anyway, so why not just embrace it for what it is? “Stop chasing the song, child, and let Me teach you to sing.”

Once we surrender ourselves to what He wants to teach us, He does! I know that it takes that total submission. I have learned so much from God just by loving Him and realizing that He loves me more than I can even imagine. I’m inspired; stoked, really when I come to the realization of the lesson and vow to learn better (and maybe quicker?) the next time. Slowly, once again, I realize that it’s so not about me wanting to learn, but to be taught. How do I get it so mixed up? How do I forget so easily? Just a simple twist of words make such a difference. A vast difference. It’s all about knowing Him in deeper ways, not about making sense of it.

I love being inspired by books. They make me feel like I can climb the mountain in front of me, and I feel eager to start. I have several favorites that I have read multiple times. Each time gives me fresh insight as well as great reminders of things I don’t ever want to forget. This book will definitely make it on the favorite shelf.

All the way through, I was taught. Not just one part, not just a few chapters. All of it. You might think I’m just gushing, and maybe I am but I’m just that serious about it. I’m very thankful for getting to “know” Angie Smith in these pages. I kind of feel like I’ve been on a trip to a different country and am richer for the experience. Thank you.