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Author Crystal Dwyer Hansen uses the word “skinny” in a slang connotation, like “here’s the data or fact about…” However, many people take offense at the word. Persons who are very thin may have the emaciated definition of skinny come to mind. Other people feel that no matter our body style, we need to embrace ourselves and to not feel inferior or compare themselves to model-thin images that are unattainable. I agree, and therefore I was put off by the S-word!

Ms Hansen’s book, though, is to reveal what she calls a “secret” to physical, emotional, and spiritual fitness. In this connotation, she is spot on. Our lifestyles need to change. We desperately need to morph from the destructive, negative beliefs and habits and take on a whole new health and well-being attitude. We need to replace guilt and shame with self respect and to nourish our bodies in a way that improves our total health. So, to give her credit, there are a lot of good, positive truths that will be keys to changing our bodies, our minds and ultimately our lives.

God made our bodies to work perfectly. From birthing babies to using our muscles to move and work and thus energizing ourselves, our physical bodies, our emotions, our mindsets, all were made to work together for wellness sake. We, on the other hand are always stepping in to take short cuts, to avoid pain or anything that looks difficult or requires changes. It’s get rich quick, go on a crash diet, lose 10 pounds in 5 days, worried about scale numbers, clothing sizes, comparisons to body forms and sizes…it’s enough to drive you crazy! We worry, we compare, we avoid, we feel powerless, and we basically sabotage our total wellness of minds and bodies.

In this sense, Crystal Hansen helps us to understand and unwind all the negative patterns and beliefs that work against us and form a new mind-set that will move us into a new “us.” It is still a self-help book and you have to acquire a certain amount of belief in what she is saying to embrace this new identity. Maybe you are completely tired of all the tried and failed things you’ve done and will be ready to move into a new identity for your mind, the food you eat and the movements that you make that will make you settled and happy. That is totally preferable to the self-defeating thoughts and emotions, for sure! One most certainly does have to set boundaries and take responsibility; make commitments and proceed to self-care. This book will inspire you to do that.