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Words wound. Thoughts, impressions, suspicions can hurt all in themselves but when someone places the impression into words- the misgiving becomes real. The thought becomes tangible. It may be better than what was originally believed or it could be drastically worse. It can even be severely different than what was suspicioned and it can cut to the core of one’s soul.

Pride is wounded. Love is rejected. A place; a position that I imagined I held is now being turned away. I was deceived. Maybe I deceived myself. Maybe the affection I perceived wasn’t even there. Perhaps it was wishful thinking. Something I invented to make myself feel accepted and loved. Stark reality now put into words that hurt my ears as they sink into my understanding.

I had created a safe place but a stranger intruded. What was once warm and inviting, shared with those I love is now dark and cold. I shiver. With my arms that were open wide being turned away; shunned…instead I close them around myself, giving myself an embrace.  Who’s the loser?