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While My Child Is Away…My Prayers for When We Are Apart, A Book Review

This book is excellent. I could say it’s an excellent “read” but actually, it’s all prayers. Prayers for your children. I’ve read “prayer books” before and usually I end up thinking that the author must have kids a lot more behaved than my kids, because my prayers have been pretty desperate for my children. As a single mom for most of my kid’s growing up years, I felt the need to be both dad and mom to my kids which meant priest of the home, go-to person, homework helper, advisor, emotional supporter, financial supporter, etc., etc! A lot of prayers went up in our behalf. Some prayers didn’t actually have words, they were just groans that I prayed God would interpret!

When my kids were hanging around the wrong crowd. When my kids were at school, out of sight and I was at work, in meetings and sometimes even traveling. When my kids were liking boyfriends, girlfriends, talking on the phone, wanting privacy and all of those lines that you don’t know where to draw or when to cross. I feel like I have experienced it all. So when I read THIS book, I half-way expected it to be a little shallow, a little like holy children prayers, or mother’s well-articulated prayers in behalf of her almost-angel kids.

Don’t get me wrong, it is well written, but it is also real. The desperate prayers of a mother who has to let her children walk away from her sight and physical protection. The earnest and very deeply felt prayers of a mom that feels inadequate when it comes to covering her kid’s emotional, spiritual and soul-level needs. This is not just some pretty “oh, that’s so sweet” type prayers and “now I lay me down to sleep” but a plea to God to make up for what we seriously lack. A request asking God to help us to know how to trust Him to protect them when they are away from us. A heart’s cry when they are no longer living under our guidelines, or involved in situations when we can no longer follow them or hover over them, or watch from a safe distance, ready to pounce to their aid.

Letting go and letting God be God is perhaps one of the most difficult things a mother has to do when it comes to her children. Watching them grow and mature, walking in a different world than they have ever experienced, experiencing situations and circumstances that they haven’t been in before now tends to turn our worlds upside down and inside out. We know God is the only One who can do what we can’t from those points on, and we think we trust Him, but it’s so difficult to put it into practice when there’s all kinds of “what if?” questions! God understands. God not only understands our children better than we do, He understands US better than we know ourselves.

Through these prayers that Edie Melson prayers over her children, of all ages and different circumstances, you will echo her words and you will hear God’s voice speak through the pages. She will put your heart’s deep feelings into words that resound in God’s ears.

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