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I was intrigued by the title of this book. I couldn’t wait to read it. I’ve read a few of Max Davis’s books and have found him to be honest and bold with a twist of humor. His optimism is bright, his faith authentic.

The first chapter opens with a chance meeting in the coffee aisle with a young lady who literally changed his life. A powerful encounter that caused Max to walk out of that grocery store forever different. Christ was in her. She exuded the aroma of Jesus. Being next to her and feeling the love of Jesus radiating from her caused Max to look into his soul’s mirror and see pride, unbelief, self-righteousness, ungratefulness, and insecurities. All of that has to go for Jesus to live through us and to love people the way God does.

This book is about how real Jesus really is. How allowing Jesus to live through us impacts our circumstances and the people around us.

Max caught my attention and I have devoured the pages from the start. Parts of his personal story are here for us to read. He is transparent and real about his struggles, his failures and experiences. I can identify with the tests of his faith. We have to die to self before we can understand the reality of Christ living on the inside of us. In the natural world, God is working through things that make no sense whatsoever. But somehow, someway, He works through all things in our lives together for His good purposes if we allow Him to. In Max’s words, “I’m talking about hurts, accidents, sins, and our own stupidity—all of it.”

Some people go to church to meet God, but like Author Davis reminds us, Jesus is very much alive today and He shows up in ordinary people in our everyday circumstances.

You might meet Him in the coffee aisle at your grocery store, or you might run into Him at a hospital, school or workplace. Max tells us some miraculous stories about people that radiate God’s love in this book and after reading it, you will be encouraged, uplifted, and maybe even transformed. I believe it will change your life as you look into the mirror of your own soul.

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