Hmmmm… About me…. I’m always a little uncomfortable with introductory questions. I was born in one place (WV), raised in another (the beautiful country of Ecuador, South America) and currently live in another, which makes me a third-world kid. I don’t fit in either one of those places entirely, so I guess you could call me a misfit. But by whose standards? Maybe I’m the perfect fit, and everyone else that doesn’t have 3 cultures raging within them are the misfits.  “Where are you from?” brings up all kinds of starting points so usually I respond with a question of my own, “What year?”

SO…. That usually brings them to the next logical question: “What brings me to the current state?” A plethora of possible answers with this question, none of which I’m very comfortable sharing with complete strangers but if left unanswered brings me questionable looks as if I’m running from the law or something. So I usually put the blame on my parents, which is in part, true. They were here first and I followed them but then I married and moved away to yet another state, bringing the count to a total of 7, if you don’t count the ones I lived in more than once or the out of country city. My three kids live here as well as my parents so after a short jaunt that turned sour in one of the southern states (now my eighth state of residence, I won’t say which to protect the guilty) I’m back to the Midwest.

I’m still happily married to my knight in Shining armor, (although he wasn’t my first marriage partner, he has been my only knight) after 11 years. I have three wonderful grown up kids, three kids not born to me but I acquired by marriage, and 12 grandkids.

Enough about me. Where are you from, and what brings you here?


4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Oops, I wasn’t signed in when I responded to your post, PJ. I’m getting ready to post a blog about the reasons I have not been blogging recently. I apologize for the late response to your comment. Thanks for following me. Be blessed.


  2. I found your blog through a new follower of my own blog. I see we have a lot in common – mid-west, 99.1 radio, faith, etc. We obviously live in the same neck of the woods! Enjoying reading your blog! I’m a new blogger myself. Still learning. I’m now a follower of yours! Have a blessed day!


    • Debbie McFarlin said:

      Thanks, PJ! I hope it goes well for you. It’s been awhile and I am trying to get back in the grove! Good luck, and God bless!


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